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Monastery of St. Francis, Basílica y Convento de San Francisco de Lima - Lima
Location: Jirón Lampa y Ancash, Lima, Peru, Phone: +51 1 4267377 Working hours: daily 09: 30-17: 45 Visit Cost: 7 G / $ 2,08 Saint Francis Monastery located in the historic center of the capital of Peru - Lima.

Petunias - a wonderful and bright decoration of any garden, flower garden or balcony.

Life principles
A person with principles of life - a person, sticking to the rules and regulations adopted by him.

Louboutin Sneakers
In modern life, it has become the footwear element of an image that can tell a lot about its owner.

Hairstyles for girls in school
Young student is very closely monitored their appearance, including the state of the hair.

From what to wear women`s fleet?
Before you answer the question, what to wear women`s park, you need to remember what it is.

Installation of roof windows
Like any other part of the apartment house, the attic floor needs a sufficient amount of light and fresh air.

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