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Category medicine  

Forms abortions
Induced abortion or abortion can be carried out at the request of the woman or for medical reasons, when carrying a child poses an imminent threat to the life of a woman and simply contraindicated.

How to lose weight easily?
Many women dream to learn the secret of how easy it is to lose weight. To achieve the desired process of losing weight should be slow, since only in this case, the result is stored for a long time.

How to explain to a child division?
In order to make the school the child had no problems with the lessons, you need to give him the basic knowledge from an early age. It is much easier to explain to him some of the things in the game, but not during a rigorous school lesson.

Brush for deep cleansing facial
Today, invented a number of different devices for skin care. Even wash and brush face in his hands is no longer fashionable, there is a special brush.

Symphysis during pregnancy
Some human bone interconnected fibrous cartilage and connective tissue. Such a fiber bundle mezhlobkovy disk connects the pubic bone in front of man, which are covered with hyaline cartilage in the joints of the disk.

What not to do at birth -10 bans
During pregnancy, every future mom taught in special courses on how to behave at birth and during the gestation of the baby.

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